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Selecting the Finest Wine

Selecting the best wines in the world may seem like a simple task. However, this is a rather complex task. Since our intention is to offer you the best content you can find on wines, it is for this reason that our selection is based on several lists of relevant organizations in the sector. Of these, we have chosen those wines that seem to us most relevant, following our own criteria.

Why is this selection so complex? The reason is straightforward, there are many criteria, factors, and tastes both personal and Cultural that define a good wine. That is why, with our humble intention, we are preparing to show you what are the best wines in the world.

Pre-selection of the best wines in the World candidates

Given the enormous amount of wines that exist in the world, it is challenging to taste every wine that exists. That is why a pre-selection is made. This will depend on the organization that creates the ranking.

Some organizations keep track of the best wineries in the world every year. These wineries are in charge of highlighting what are good reservations candidates to be selected in the ranking. So, these organizations just have to keep track of the wineries they’re interested in. That’s the case with Winespector.

There are other organizations, such as the Bwwcompetition, which offer a much more democratic pre-selection. These allow any winery to show their wines in a public contest and are the wine fans and professionals who vote for the best candidates for the best wines in the world.

Tasting of selected wines

Once the pre-selection of the candidates for the best wines in the world has been made, both organizations present these to a jury of expert tasters.

These professionals will do different blind tastings. The objective is to detect all the nuances and intentions of each of the pre-selected wines, and thus to be able to make the list of the best wines in the world.

These experts evaluate several times the same wine. The main motivation is to avoid possible bias in their scores.

Tasters often have several factors to evaluate such as aroma, texture, taste, body and many other factors. Also, some organizations include additional criteria, such as the potential for public acceptance, forecasting the quality of aging, etc.

Best red wines in the world

  1. Château Canon-La Gaffelière, St.- Emilion

This wine comes from one of the regions of France, with a more celebrated tradition in the production of wine. We’re talking about the Bordeaux area.


This wine belongs to the Château Canon, one of the many owned by the Neipperg family. This German couple, whose wine tradition dates back to the 13th century, moved in 1983 to the French town of Saint Emilion, and it was there that they started their way to this magnificent wine.

  1. Gallo Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

This great red wine comes from one of the most essential wineries in California, in Modesto. The Gallo family began their journey in the production of wine in 1933, and at that time, they have managed to create one of the best wines in the world.

The main grape used for this broth is the elusive Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Large products often make combinations with other types of grapes.

  1. La Rioja Alta Rioja 890 Gran Reserva Special Selection

One of the Spanish wines from one of the most prestigious appellations of origin in the World, La Rioja, could not be missing in our selection.

This broth is composed mostly of the native Tempranillo grape. This gives it a different and unique character, but with a lot of nuances such as tones and aromas of plum, chocolate, vanilla, and raisins.

  1. Castello di Volpaia Chianti Classico Riserva

Complementing the list with the wines of the countries with the most significant wine tradition, it could not lack an excellent Italian wine.

The Castello di Volpaia wineries, located in the prestigious area of Tuscany, offer an exceptional broth. This wine has an intense aroma and fruity tones. And it is complemented with a well-structured and lasting taste on the palate.

  1. Château Canon-La-Gaffelière

To close our list of the best red wines in the world, there was no better way than to do it with another excellent French wine. The Château Canon, located in the prestigious Bordeaux region, gives us an idea of the quality of the wine we are talking about.

Mostly composed of Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes, it offers an elegant and full-bodied flavor and aroma, with fruity touches.

The most relevant white wines

  1. Moët & Chandon Brut Champagne Dom Pérignon Legacy Edition

The Moët & Chandon wine brand is an institution in the world of wines, primarily white sparkling wines.

Its great history dates back to 1700, and since then, it has built a brand around the elegance, quality, and good taste of its wines. So much so that today it is a global reference.

Much of its wines are prepared in the region of Épernay, near Paris, France. It is one of the areas where many of the most expensive wines in the world are produced.

  1. Aubert Chardonnay Carneros Larry Hyde & Sons


The next best white wine in the world comes from the California winery Larry Hyde & Sons. This fabulous wine is mostly made with Chardonnay grapes. And these were grown in the Rams region, one of the oldest and most prestigious California lands to produce wine.

  1. Joseph Drouhin Montrachet Marquis de Laguiche

This is one of those brands of wine little known to the general public, but that nevertheless, in high places, and within this world has high prestige. It is the French wine house Joseph Drouhin.

But without being that little, they have one of their wines considered to be one of the best wines in the world. It is a dry but very fresh wine made mostly from Chardonnay grapes.

  1. Keller Westhofen Kirchspiel Riesling Trocken

Many wine enthusiasts may be surprised, but in Germany, in the Rhine region, there is one of the best white wine varieties in the world, Riesling wines.

The Keller vineyards are considered one of the best wine producers in Germany. That is why it is no wonder that both this house and this type of grape will be one of the best white wines in the world.

  1. Louis Jadot Corton-Charlemagne

As in the red wines section, here we will also close the list with another French wine. This is Meson Domaine Magnien.

The lands of these wines are located near Paris, near the border with Switzerland. This area is known for being one of the regions that produce the most expensive and prestigious wines in the world. No wonder one of the best wines in the world comes from here.