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The Famous Grape Street in Vegas

Grape Street in Las Vegas is the most popular classic place for joy and pleasure. It is a wine bar providing the tastiest plates accompanied with a perfect wine. In Grape Street Las Vegas restaurant you can find a full-service outdoor patio to enjoy and private rooms available for special celebrations and parties. This cozy place provides you plenty of tasty dishes to taste and offers services that every visitor will enjoy during the stay. Grape Street Las Vegas will offer you the greatest wine along with the dish you choose for your lunch or dinner. Its popularity is based on the perfect services that provide clients and makes them feel like they are sitting in their homes.

Culture of Wine

Grape Street Las Vegas has its popularity of wine tasting so you can find any type of wine that you will enjoy it. Before 1990 wine tasting was an unknown event. Pahrump Valley Winery, located near Las Vegas, was bought from the current owners without knowing anything about wine. Grape was growing difficult because of the boiling summer heat and there was not a big chance that the business will grow. Later, Pahrump Valley Winery has improved a lot. Despite that the town is a desert community and very cowboy, the business was a success. In history when the winery opened, just 7.000 people were living here, but because of Las Vegas that is near Pahrump, the population has grown up to 38.000.

It is quite interesting the fact that the current owner did not even like to drink wine, although they did not know anything about it, still bought the business. In the last few years, they spent time to get know more about the business and becoming masters in wine and selling it. The importation of grape is coming from Oregon and California, so annually there are 10.000 cases of wine. In 2009, the owners released the first-ever batch of wine that was made entirely with grapes grown in Nevada. In the same year, an oak-flavored Zinfandel wine won a gold medal on the Pacific Rim International competition of wine.

Wine Tasting Events in Las Vegas

For those who adore wine, we provide you wine tasting events in Las Vegas that you might want to visit:

24th January- Wine and Vibe- Las Vegas, NV

31 of January- “The Winery Comedy Tour”- Henderson, NV

7th February- Winter Wine fest- Las Vegas, NV

8th May- VinoJazz 2020- Pahrump, NV


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